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The Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation has achieved many significant milestones, thanks to the generous financial support of donors and contributions from our volunteers.

A collaborative effort is underway to transform the shores of Buckeye Lake into a year-round tourism destination that will serve as a premier getaway for those in central Ohio and throughout the region.

“When the governor and legislature decided to fix the Buckeye Lake dam in a way that would be good for the next century, we felt it would be silly not to take advantage of an asset so close to the only booming metropolitan area in Ohio, and provide an amenity that people could have close by,” said Yaromir Steiner, Founder and CEO, Steiner + Associates; Buckeye Lake homeowner; and Founder of Buckeye Lake 2030.

“I think Buckeye Lake is a great asset. Now we all need to think differently about the future of this great central Ohio resource.”

Developed as a way to bring together the three counties, three villages, and four townships that are part of the lake, Buckeye Lake 2030 is a civic endeavor that has grown to include local leaders, residents, and business owners—all working together to create a plan for the area’s future. The first open community meeting was held in January 2016, and in May 2016, a collective vision was adopted by the community. — Yaromir Steiner

“We have two major goals. One, to organize a representative governance structure that is inclusive of everyone around the lake—so when they speak, they speak for the lake,” Yaromir said. “The second big goal is that the vision is nice, but now we need to plan it, and physically determine how to get there.”

In 2016, The Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation Fund was established to help support the initiatives vital to the success of Buckeye Lake 2030. The first major milestone is to have a plan completed by the end of 2018.

“My vision is that people will move to central Ohio to work, or stay in Columbus after they graduate from college to live and raise a family because of the very dynamic, urban environment—accompanied with great amenities like Buckeye Lake for weekends or week-long vacations where families can come and spend time,” Yaromir said.

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